The story behind STPR

STPR was born out of a vision to create a token that embodies the spirit of Satoshi’s revolution. Our team, composed of community members from all walks of life is committed to maintaining the token’s exclusivity and driving its long-term success to ensure anyone can benefit and not just the exclusive few.

Our Vision

We believe in the potential of the Satoshi token revolution and the future of decentralized finance as a whole. We created STPR with a limited supply of just 10,000 tokens to represent this belief and to make it affordable for everyone in the hope that they can then HODL some of their tokens and sell the rest on to make sure you make your crypto back and more. Each STPR token is not just a piece of the future, but a stake in the Satoshi Tokens Proactive Revolution. Buy, resell some tokens and HODL the rest until the next Bitcoin halving and crypto bull run which we think will happen in 2024.

Meet Some of our Community

Below are just some of our more active members of our community. We are all in it to help each other and try to offer our individual experience and knowledge and to help other learn more about crypto, news and other possiblities.