Set up your UniSat Wallet:

If you haven’t done this yet, you’ll need to set up your UniSat wallet first. This involves downloading the UniSat extension for your browser, creating a new wallet, and securing your password and recovery phrase.

  1. Visit the UniSat wallet homepage using your Chrome browser.
  2. Click “Download from Chrome Store”.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the UniSat Chrome extension.
  4. Click “Add extension”.
  5. Click “Create new wallet”.
  6. Enter your password, confirm it, and click “Continue”.

Please remember to keep your password and recovery phrase in a safe place, as they are crucial for accessing your wallet. If you lose them, you may lose access to your wallet and the assets it contains.


Fund your Wallet:

You’ll need to deposit funds into your wallet. This usually involves transferring BTC from another wallet or exchange to your UniSat wallet.

Access the Marketplace:

Navigate to the UniSat Marketplace. This is usually accessible through the UniSat website or directly through the UniSat wallet extension.

Find STPR:

Use the search function to find the STPR token.


Once you’ve found STPR, there should be an option to buy it. You’ll need to specify how much you want to buy and confirm the transaction.

Confirm the Transaction:

After you’ve confirmed the details of the transaction, you’ll need to authorize it. This usually involves entering your password or signing the transaction with your wallet.

Wait for the Transaction to Process:

Once you’ve confirmed the transaction, it will be processed. This can take a few minutes to a few hours, depending on network congestion.

Please note that this is a general guide and the exact process may vary. Always make sure to double-check transaction details before confirming, as transactions on the blockchain are irreversible. If you’re unsure, it might be a good idea to reach out to UniSat’s support for specific instructions.